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Mythological Juggernaut

Mythological Juggernaut

The author,  a  graduate  in  Astronomy,  Science  and Engineering  takes you through 7000 years of  human  existence  and tries to analyze why  mythical  stories forming basis of religion in most of the countries cannot be rejected out rightly, as some  of  the locations and sites related to these  myths are in existence even today.

These   mythical   stories  may  appear  as  true   historical narratives  to  the faithful but do not appeal to a modern rational mind.

The author in a logical and  lucid manner discusses the possible factors and reasons  for development of  religious myths, as  these  are  affecting  every human    on    our    earth  whether   through   traditions   or   as   a   religious phenomenon.

Book  is  a  result  of painstaking study of four decades of different religions to find background of religious myths. Super compact narration of  religious  stories  from angle of a rationalist, to filter true from untrue.

A wonderful conceptualization of events, spanning over seven millenniums.
A semi fictional work but a book of knowledge, a must read for all modern minds. 

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The Great Transference

The Great Transference

Lama Amitayus Yongten, head of one of the oldest Gompas  in  Ladakh  area  had mastered the mystic art of transference of soul.

He   leaves   his   body  in  10  BC,  after  notifying  his  followers  that  he  will  reincarnate ten solar years later in a far off place.

To locate the divine child, at  the  set  time  in  1AD,  the  search team moves along the Silk Route, the famous trade route existing as early as 1000 BC.

Dakini,  the  empty form   of  true   reality   guides   them   to the child as per revelations of Lama Yongten.

Through   subtle   tests,   the  search  team  identifies  three  children  in  far  off  lands.
Wandering monks succeed in  bringing  these  children  to  Gompa and train them in Vajrayana, a secretive and exclusive doctrine.

The compassion of Amitayus Buddha to liberate all sentient  beings  before  taking  Nirvana,  through   these   children   results  into  creation  of  faiths eventually followed by billions on our planet.

An unusual, untold story based on historical facts, a must read. 

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The First Obliteration

The First Obliteration

The  empire  of  White Huns in  500 AD (Sixth Century) had extended to vast areas of China, Western Parthia, Kashmir and Central India.

White   Huns   were followers of Tengri   religion   but   one  of  their powerful kings considered  himself,  to  be  endowed  with  special  blessings  of  Lord  Shiva  and  he started destroying Buddhist  monasteries  all over his empire and right up  to  present Allahabad.

In a rare case of  unity  among  Indian  kings,  the  great  Hun  emperor  was defeated  in a  famous  war  fought  at  Mandsaur (a city in Central India but part of erstwhile Gwalior State ) in year 532 AD.

Even after defeat, by deceit and cleverness he managed to reach  Kashmir and after few years in hiding, succeeded in becoming king of Kashmir and continued with his mission of obliteration.

A rare work of  fiction  based on historical facts. A unique story, never told before.

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Rapes In India- and a way out

Rapes In India- and a way out

We are all being put to shame due to thousands of rape incidents happening in  our  beloved  India  a   country   where  women are worshipped as revered Goddesses. Why?
This book answers these question and many more as detailed below.

Is it due to our so called  rich cultural  inheritance   which   provides  enough incentive and legitimacy to acts of rape and sexual assaults in our land ?  

What should be done by people in power?

Why does our  society  which  claims to be high tech still behave in medieval way when it comes to  treat a rape victim who will already be suffering from severe trauma?
What women should do not to become victims.

It  is  unfortunate  that  strengthening  of   the  rape  laws   with  very  severe punishments  is   resulting  into   rapist  turning   into  killers   and  mutilating the body of  the victim beyond recognition  so  as to  destroy  the evidences of the crime and is fast becoming the general trends of gang-rapes.

The  male  hormones  and  there  vengeance   from  society  overpower their rational thinking  and  makes  the  rapist  inhuman and criminals-What is the remedy? 

A must read for all young women and young men and those who control our  society.

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Unique Recepes

Unique Recipes

This book of  UNIQUE RECIPES developed by Late  Mrs Pinky Bhatia, a very popular COOKING TEACHER is worth trying by every woman.
Recipes developed by her  were  simple,  quick and are based on 95% normal kitchen ingredients,  available  most  of  the time in an Indian Kitchen.

The recipes  contained  in  this  book are very suitable for modern taste buds and are easy to cook. These  recipes  will eliminate drudgery of cooking from a fast paced modern woman having paucity of time for kitchen.

Garnishing and serving tips not normally given in any recipe book have been provided for each recipe and this will make your cooking distinct and loveable.
This book has another unique feature  in  form of  a  few blank lines provided at end of each  recipe. This  has  been  done  so  that  you  can put down few notes or tips after your first trial...
As  per  latest  trends  in cooking,  maximum  recipes  are  having  vegetarian ingredients but steamed or shredded chicken can be added to many recipes if so desired.
Try these recipes  and  your  near  and  dear  ones will love it and you will get a well-deserved dose of appreciation. 

The Sunset

The Sunset


The   ancient famous Kingdom  of  Zhang   Zhung  consisted  of  18  empires  having  control  over  vast  areas  of   South  Tibet, Western China and some  parts  of  Northern India.
All subjects of this vast empire practiced a very ancient faith  called BONPO started  at  Mansrovar  Lake  by  Tonpa  Shenrab  Miwoche around 8,000 BC.
Bonpo was  a  very  peaceful  and  tranquil  religion  but  In seventh  century Songtsän Gampo a  convert  Buddhist  king  of  north Tibet captured  Zhang  Zhung by killing King Ligmikya and started  persecution of Bonpo followers.
The battered Kingdom of  Zhang  Zhung  revolted at start of eighth  century  AD  but revolt was crushed and many valuable ancient scriptures of  Bonpo  faith  were threatened  with destruction along with forced conversions and persecution.
 In  eighth  century  Drenpa Namkha a revered teacher and honored   Bonpo  priest  decided  to  hide  many  scriptures  and  also  initiated   migration  of  Bonpo followers to north India to avoid persecution.
Drenpa  Nemkha   after   ensuring  safety   of   Bonpo  scriptures,  converted  himself  to Buddhism.  Though  this  was  Sunset  over Bonpo faith but light was coming out of his own feet indicating his eventual victory over heretics.
A story told first time, a must read work of historical fiction 


You can get a discounted copy by getting in touch directly
with  Ms.  Abheesha  Jain  (  Editor  and  Co-author ).
E mail address – abheeshajain@gmail.com
Ph. no. –# 98189 33122
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Sukhdev Bhatia

Sukhdev Bhatia

The author is a  graduate  in  Astronomy,  Physics and Engineering.  He  has studied almost all religions of the world for four decades to understand impact of  Mythology  on  human  mind. He started writing ten years ago at age of 64.

Sukhdev Bhatia as an  author  has  an extensive “Linkedin” net-work of 6000 writers, intellectuals and professionals spread all over the world.

The discussion  on  theme  of  his  first  book  expanded to 2,50,000 words for a book of 50,000 words. This being a unique event was planned for  inclusion  in  Guinness book of world records  but  was objected to by some religious group of Europe.

He was awarded INDIRA GHANDHI GOLD MEDAL in  year  2017  for  his  book  “Mythological  Juggernaut” by GEPRA,a famous organisation located in Chennai and headed by Vice Chancellor Agriculture University Bangalore, Education Administrator Canada and many other luminaries.

He can be contacted at sukhdevbhatia43@gmail.com 

Radio interview on Perth World Radio(93.5 FM) Australia held on ocassion of Perth Writers Conference.

Abheesha Jain

Ms. Abheesha Jain

A   management   graduate   with   a   long  corporate  stint  at  Director  level  positions  and  business management consultancy experience; is now a Social Entrepreneur.

She  is  a  Managing Trustee of 2Alotus(India), A Registered Trust dedicated  for  the  propagation of the “Shraman Way of Life” undertaking the project of digitizing Jain Scripts. www.jinvanisangrah.com is one such unique project, independently developed and managed by her.

She is also an Editor and edit books of all genre in both English and Hindi language.

She  not  only  writes   and   speaks   liberally  about   social   change &  women   empowerment  but  also  actively contribute in social and spiritual re-construction of the society.


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Mythological Juggernaut Book Launch
Taj Hotel, Pune on December 9, 2013
by Hon'ble Tsukasa Ikegami

Rapes In India – A Way out Book Launch
on 21st May 2017,
by  Mrs. Seema Trikha, MLA ( Faridabad)

Indira Gandhi Gold Medal Award
8th March 2017, Bangluru at National Unity Conference
by Global Economic Progress and Research Association(GEPRA)

16th December 2017 at Chennai
In ‎Social Welfare Literature Category
for his book "Rapes in India - a way out"
by Global Economic Progress and Research Association(GEPRA)